Sugar High

Its that time of year when I like to bake.  I feel like I can go all out and give it away and no one will complain of all the sweets because its Christmas.  I kinda went overboard this year, for a few reasons.

Have I told you I finally have a permanent store to work in?  Well, I do.  I also got a promotion at the same time.  So, I'm the manager of about 17 people in my department.  And of course this happened right before Christmas.  My first Christmas in this district, so I really don't know how they handle things around here.  My last few managers were pretty generous, and I would love to be, the problem is I didn't anticipate this and haven't really budgeted for it.  However, I really want to do something.  I found a small trinket for each employee ( a slinky! doesn't everyone love a slinky?) and I decided to make sweets.  Its a bribe, so they will like me and listen to me.  I'm crossing my fingers it works.

Making sweet treats before Christmas is a festive thing to do.  I remember my momma doing it, I enjoy doing it, and it puts me in a Christmas-y mood.  Fair enough?

The blogging world is full of recipes and deceptively delicious photos.  They all make it look so easy.  So I chose a few recipes to try.
  • Toffee  (found here)
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles  (found here)
  • Classic fudge  (found here)  ( I use milk chocolate chips)
  • Sugar cookies with icing
Chocolate covered pretzels
Fudge, cookies dipped in chocolate, toffee
Cookie dough truffle
Don't they look divine?  I love it when food looks pretty and tastes yummy.  Three of these I've made before and know how they turn out.  The toffee and truffles were new to me.  I am on chocolate overload.  I can't tell you how many times I've washed my hands and STILL have chocolate under my fingernails.  I boxed up goodies in festive tins with tissue paper to take to work. 

My refrigerator is still full with the sweets that won't fit.  I wished my Hubby worked out of the home so I could send some to his work.  It looks like chocolate is for dinner this week.  Anyone else eating chocolate three meals a day?


tiffany said...

Your chocolates look both yummy and very pretty. I'm copying that Cookie Dough Truffle recipe - Reza brought some in this year for us. I've only made PB balls this year, but I've been summoned to make yet another batch for tomorrow's Christmas party at work. I suppose I'll oblige and go in on my day off to celebrate. Merry Christmas!

mme said...

He brought the truffles last year and I remembered them. I googled a recipe to try (its VERY sweet) but I got rave reviews!