Southern Savers

I'm not much of a coupon-er.  But I like a good deal.  And with two little ones, a one family income, and a goal of getting out of debt; I'm certainly looking into it.  I was introduced to this website SouthernSavers by my momma.  It's helped me tremendously.

I feel like I know the basics in eating frugally, eat at home, plan menus, don't go to the grocery store every day, etc.  However, that's easier said then done for me.  Since we've moved, I've also faced another dilemma: where to shop.  The stores I normally shopped at aren't available here.  No super Target, Dillons, or Hy-Vee.  No Price Chopper.  We have Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Lowes and Wal-Mart.  There are a few Krogers and Piggly Wigglies.  Its like learning to shop for groceries all over again.  Each store has a different selection; there still are things I can't find.  Plus, food is more expensive.  We aren't living in America's Breadbasket anymore.

Enter in Southern Savers.  My momma heard about it from a woman she met in a grocery store.  Then she told me.  The website posts the ads of the grocery stores in the South, plus the local drug stores.  The author also posts what coupons you could add to the sale to get the item even cheaper.  She flags the REALLY good deals.  There are links to sites you can print off coupons, or get e-coupons.  She has a coupon database, and a section on how-to-coupon.  This site has a ton of information.

While I still have a lot to learn, the website has helped me focus.  I'm getting better at looking at the sales and planning a list before I go to the store.  Browsing the sale ads for a few weeks gives me a better idea of what really is a good sale and what a normal price is for food items.  In short, I have a better perspective.  My first trip (right before Thanksgiving, mind you) I saved over $60!  And I had a cart full of food!  I didn't even use a coupon.

I realize many of you don't live in the South, but don't despair, google.  I did a quick search, and there are numerous coupon websites, not just Southern specific.  Anyone else into coupon-ing?  Are you an extreme coupon-er?  How do you find the deals?

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