Christmas Cookies

For the past several years, we've made Christmas cookies.  While I realize that's not an extraordinary thing to do this time of year, its a tradition Hubby and I are working on creating for our kiddos.  Now, they are still very young, so they aren't really helpful, well actually, it's quite a chore.  This year was no exception.

We like to make sugar cookies.  Generally, we use a mix.  Hubby and I agree rolling out the dough, cutting out the cookies, and decorating them is enough work that we can use a simple mix and pre-made frosting.  This year, the kiddos REALLY wanted to eat the dough while we were cutting out the cookies.  I tried to save the dough by offering up fudge, but then the cries just turned to whining for more fudge.  sigh.

The next bright idea was to turn on Christmas movies.  Princess loves the Grinch, so that's what we selected.  She giggled incessantly throughout the whole movie.  I'm sure her baby abs hurt from that much giggling.  Mine did just listening to it.  Really, though, I'm a bit concerned she gets that much pleasure from watching the green guy steal Christmas from the Whos.  Handsome didn't buy the Christmas movie ploy, he wanted to eat sugar cookie dough.  Luckily, bedtime snuck up on us.  Hubby and I ended up decorating most of the cookies while the kids were in bed.  I know, that pretty much means we failed in the cookie-tradition-goal with the kiddos.  We did save some so they can decorate later.  Aka dump sugar on the cookies.  Plus, they have cute aprons to wear and you know I need a picture of that.

So here is what Hubby and I came up with:

And one of them all:

What are your Christmas traditions?  Do you have a favorite one from being a kid?  I'd love to hear about it!

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