Back to Earth

Anyone had a vacation high?  You know, when you've just had some fabulous time off, you feel relaxed, well rested, and even though you have to go back to work, you know you can make it through the next 6 days because your life is just awesome.  You're on cloud nine and nothing can bring you back.  Except maybe this:

Do you notice what is wrong with this picture? Take another look.

If you guessed the license plate is missing, you've guessed correctly.  Thursday night I had a little dose of reality check.  I was on my way to work (overnight, again) and I got rear-ended.  Someone behind me didn't want to stop at the red light.  For some reason, they thought I wouldn't either.  I had to wait through the light before I could turn off the road and into the nearest gas station.  And Mr Speedypants didn't turn in after me.  

A lady at the gas station witnessed the whole thing and was able to confirm the car description.  I called highway patrol and waited.  Another very nice man and his daughter (they were in the car behind Mr Speedypants) realized a mile down the road the other car had driven off (they recognized the crunched up hood) and wrote down his license plate.  They drove back to find me, gave me the license number, and waited with me for the police.  These people were on vacation and took the time to help out a stranger.  Amazing.  Unfortunately, the number doesn't match the description to the car.  Mr Policeman said there will be an investigation, but as of now it is classified a hit-and-run.  Within an hour, I was on my way to work. (only 45 minutes late!)  I'm currently waiting on the insurance adjuster to come look at my car before I get it fixed.  My tag was ripped off my car, even the bolts that hold it on.  Plus, the tag is bent up.  Mr Policeman had to retrieve it from the middle of the highway for me.  The car is still drive-able, however I don't feel comfortable driving without a license plate.  I have the accident report to prove why it won't stay on, nevertheless, I'm not driving it.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!

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