Tree Skirt Tutorial

I don't know if this really counts as a tutorial.  I mean, it really only has one step and two supplies.
  • round tablecloth ( I used a 70inch one from Target)
  • scissors
Lay tablecloth out on floor.  Make one cut from edge to center, preferably straight.  You can measure if you want, or if your impatient like me, simply cut along a crease leftover from the fabric being folded in the package. Super easy and takes no time at all.

Why do this?  Have you seen how much tree skirts are?  Have you ever compared them to tablecloths?  It's essentially the same thing.  Except I think tree skirts are tacky and expensive.  A classy tablecloth is more my style.  Plus, I like to change up the look every few years, so I need inventory to chose from.  And I can't sew/afraid to try.  Cutting things with scissors is more my style.

 I love my tree shirt that only set me back 14 dollars!  And if I change my color scheme again next year or my kids destroy it, I really won't be that upset.


Jennifer said...

Great idea!!! I bought a stupid white 60in. fluffy one b/c it was only $5 and all the others were almost $50!!! Craziness to me, but you just solved my issue!

mme said...

I'm glad I could help!