Christmas Cow

A few weeks ago I tried to take pictures of our Christmas tree.  Hubby was gone, so it was just me and the kiddos.  Naturally, I tried to take pictures of my angels and experiment with different camera settings.  Most of the pictures turned out like crap.  Nevertheless, Handsome stole the show.

Yes, my living room is trashed.  Actually, the toys are picked up.  Its normally worse.  Anyway, Handsome thought it would be a great idea to put lights on Howdy the Cow.

The next logical step was to sit and bounce on Howdy, because that's what two year old's do.  And that's what Howdy is for.

Merry Christmas from Handsome, Howdy, and the rest of us!  We hope your day is full of twinkle lights, simple pleasures, family, and bouncing cows.  Well, maybe minus the bouncing cows.  
Happy Holidays!

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