The Bed is Here!

Our bed has arrived!  Remember this post?  Well, after our long wait, the bed was finally delivered and put together this past weekend.  And it was worth the wait.

Harbor Bed from Crate and Barrel.  

We did have some room-tweaking to do.  For instance, the mirrors needed to be re-hung a bit higher, but beyond that we didn't have much more to do.  I will have to get used to sleeping up so high, especially after a month of snoozing on mattresses resting on the floor.  The room is coming together quite nicely and I'm incredibly thankful for our restful retreat.

Of course there are always a few projects I keep in the back of my mind, but none are pressing ones.  I'd love to add crown molding and somehow make the ceiling fan more attractive.  I think it would be awesome to paint the ceiling (hubby would kill me if I suggested this one).  I would also like a leaning wall mirror, but I haven't decided if I would rather it be in the bathroom or closet instead.  No matter what ends up happening, I am happy and very much thankful for the lovely room I do have to share with my hubby.  I firmly believe in having the bedroom be a sanctuary of rest and peace and mine certainly fits the bill.

Interested in more details or sources?  Check out this post.

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