Safe Harbor

A dream is coming true, this week I finally broke down and ordered this:

Harbor Bed from Crate and Barrel

I've been dreaming of a new bed, and real bed, one my Hubby and I share and call our own.  The bed we currently have was one I purchased when I lived on my own, for my first apartment.  The mattress is over 10 years old,  and for whatever reason, it never really felt like OUR bed.  It was mine.  We have discussed upgrading for a while, but always put it off.  Now that we are in our house and putting down roots, it feels like it is time.

I admit, I have been window shopping for a while.  I've been pinning wood canopy beds on Pinterest for a year or more now.  It guess its the princess in me.  Unfortunately, that style of bed won't work in our bedroom.  Something about a ceiling fan.  Plus, I'm afraid it would overwhelm the room.  And while our room isn't small, it isn't really large either.  I opted for this bed to keep the space open and light.  I also debated the cost.  The price was overwhelming for me.  Several times I wondered if it was even worth it.  We could just get something cheap; something we could replace in a few more years.  However, I kept coming back to the same desire, I want something that lasts.  I want my marriage to last, so I have to put forth the effort and spend extra time to make it work.  The bedroom is a special place, a foundation for our marriage.  Its a place for relaxation, for restoration, for retreat.   This bed will last us for years, maybe even the rest of our lives.  Its a symbol of us.

With the new bed, comes a new mattress.  Yesterday, it was delivered.  Last night we slept on OUR new king mattress.  It was heavenly, even if it was resting on the floor.  In another week or two our bed should arrive and the package will be nearly complete.  In the meantime, I'm shopping for sheets, king pillows, and maybe a new quilt.  I promise I'll show you once its done.  Until then, I'm gonna snuggle up in bed.

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