Its Just Hair

I know its just hair, and its not even mine.  But somehow, I'm still attached to it.  Finally, the Princess got a hair cut.

I've been procrastinating this for while.  She looks adorable in braids, pig-tails, pony-tails, basically anyway I can fix it.  And I like messing with her hair and trying new things.  The problem is, my Princess does NOT.  Honestly, she HATES it.  She screams when I try to comb it, or wash it.  "Mommy, No!  Mommy, stop!" she says.  Consequently, her hair is often a tangled mess, with bits of breakfast in it, and it hangs in her face.  I've tried clips, bows, and headbands, but to no avail.  She does not want any part of it.


She RARELY let me do this.


So, I finally made an appointment.  She got chopped.  Several inches, actually.  Although, it doesn't look all that short in this photo.  Little girls do look adorable in bobs, so we might go a bit shorter the next time.  She received many compliments in the hair salon, and I do agree.  She is pretty cute four year old.  I think it even makes her look older.  I supposed we will keep it this way for a while and maybe grow it out again if she starts to show some interest in it.

Now I'm trying to resist turning the scissors on my own hair.  

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