September Birchbox

It has been one whole year from the start of my Birchbox subscription.  I have enjoyed each month immensely and felt it was a wonderful way to learn about new brands, products, tips, and the like.  September is also the anniversary month of Birchbox, this being its second year in business.  This month's focus is on fall fashion and new trends for the season.  I receive seven(!) lovely samples plus a mini-magazine put together by Birchbox of their favorite fall trends.

Two of these products are exclusive to Birchbox.  One being Twistband hair ties, and the other exclusive colors of ColorClub nail polish.

Also in my box was Benefit's foamingly clean face wash and refined finish face polish.  I am in the market for a new daily face wash.  This one smells wonderful and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean.   However, I felt it removed too much moisture from my face.  The polish was a bit more my style, and ironically enough didn't feel as harsh on my skin.

Have you used a BB cream yet?  I received Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm and had a chance to compare is to a drugstore version of a BB cream.  A BB cream is a combination product of moisturizer, serum, SPF, and are usually tinted, so there is no need for foundation or cover up.  I absolutely love this concept.  However, I prefer to use a moisturizer under my BB cream.  While I loved Dr Jart's cream, I think I might like my drugstore version a bit better.  Dr Jart had a heaver feeling, the cream felt a bit more like clay then lotion.  While that make work for someone wanting more coverage, I don't particularly like heavy creams on my face in hot, humid, southern summers.  I keep it around to try again once the weather around here cools off.

My final face product is Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum.  The serum is meant to be applied under moisturizer as a prep for the face to better absorb the moisturizer.  Plus, the have their own benefits.  Maybe my skin isn't mature enough to appreciate this product, but I have tried several and haven't noticed any difference.  Perhaps in another 10 years I'll understand.

And the last sample is a tili Bag.  Basically, this is a plastic zip-top bag adorned with colorful patterns.  Mine is pretty thick plastic and is meant to be used to hold anything.  It would be perfect for containing cosmetics in a purse or diaper bag, or even while traveling by plane.  I already use zip-top bags for these purposes, and its nice to have a bright turquoise animal-print bag to add to the mix.

Also included this month is a coupon for a $25 gift card for Madewell (if $75 worth of merchandise is purchased).  I haven't used the coupon yet, and I'm unsure if I will since it expires at the end of  the month.  I don't really need any new clothes.  However, I appreciate getting a coupon I would actually use.

So, the big question, was the year worth it?  I think yes.  I enjoyed the surprise every month.  I tried and learned about new products and brands, thus expanding my knowledge of beauty products and tips.  I really loved trying high end products I would have never bought and comparing them to the cheap stuff I buy at Walgreens.  I did learn that yes, some more expensive products are worth it, they last longer and do a better job, so I might as well save my pennies for a few of them instead of having a makeup-drawer full of junk.  I purchased more products in the beginning, but I did learn to pace myself and found how to weed out what really works for me and what I will only use seasonally.  Plus, the rewards points are really nice.  I'm not going to feature my box every month any longer, but if I find a product I love, I'll probably share it.  Oh, and Birchbox has no idea about me babbling on about their company.  I'm honestly just this excited about what I've learned and experienced, I thought other people would want to know.

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