Pants are overrated

My parents came in town this weekend to stay for a few days.  It started off normal, we went to dinner, the kids actually behaved with minimal screaming, and afterwards we let the kiddos blow off some steam at the playground.  The setting sun combined with a nice breeze made for a lovely evening.  I love fenced in playgrounds.  The kiddos can run wild and I can sit on a bench without worries they will escape.

At one point, Princess stumbled and fell.  She wasn't sure how to react, looking towards me for a clue. 

"Brush off your hands! You're fine!"  I said, cheerfully.

She didn't quite believe me, but she did as she was told.  Her leg was also covered in dirt and bark.  Her hands quickly tried to rid herself of it.  Then, she started digging at her shorts.

"Do you have dirt in your shorts?  Do you need help?"

No answer.

Then my heart dropped.  The pants started to come off.  In a public place, with other moms staring at us.

"Keep your pants on, please.  Do you need to go potty?"

My heart continued to flip-flop.  We haven't had a potty accident yet.  I didn't have anything to change with.

The shorts came off.  She ran up the stairs to the top of the slide.  I climb after her, shorts in hand. They are dry.  She took them off only because she wanted to.  No dirt, no mess.  Now, she thinks its a game.  Little Princess in white panties and a pink tee shirt prancing away.  She goes down the slide, so I climb down.  She sees me and climbs back up the slide and laughs.  Punk.

By this point, the other moms are laughing.  My parents and Hubby think its hysterical.  Yes, its amusing, but its MY kid running away from me with no pants on at the park.  Its time to go home. She stands at the top of the slide and giggles. Eventually, she goes down the slide and I am waiting at the bottom to grab her legs to shove in her shorts.  Surprisingly, she didn't resist and we left peacefully.

As we were walking out the gate, another mom said "This will be a time to remember".

Yes, it certainly will.  I'm searing this into my memory.  I'm certain there will future moments perfect for reciting, "remember when you took your pants off at the park?"  I can't wait.

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