So I Wanna be Artsy

If there is one thing I wish I could do well, it is paint. I've always been fascinated by art, especially paintings. It doesn't matter if it is oil, watercolor, still life, or abstract.  I wish I took art classes and had my own sunny corner studio to step an easel.  It seems utterly romantic.  Recently, as I was browsing Michael's trying to figure out how to recreate something I saw on Pinterest, I decided to buy some acrylic paint and a canvas and try.  Now, six canvases and several bottles of paint later, I can say I've tried.  And here's what I have to prove it.

This is my first project.  I got the idea from a bottle of perfume I own, Twirl, by Kate Spade.  The bottle has gold polka dots scattered over the bottle, being more concentrated at the bottom.  Apparently, there is also china in the same pattern, and I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone put gold dots on a canvas.  I prefer cool tones and wanted some art for my living room, so I picked out two shades of blue/green paint, purchased a canvas (actually two in case I messed up) and a circle stencil.  I drew the circles in pencil and filled them in with paint.  I had to do several coats, so the whole project took a few hours with drying time.  It's definitely not perfect, but it makes me happy.

I also made this one from a pin.  I painted a white canvas with chalkboard paint and used a stencil.  There is no way I can letter that nicely, especially with a brush.  I love how it turned out.

This little guy I simply made while messing around.  Yes, I really like blue, so I used three colors of blue and mixed in some silver and taupe.  I blended and dabbed to my hearts content.  I had no vision, just wanted something blue and fluid to go on my mantle.  So there you have it.

I got lucky, I purchased the paint at 40% off, and the canvases were buy one get one free.  Without the sale, I'm not sure I would have took the plunge.  I find painting relaxing and take great pleasure in it.  I hope I can continue my new hobby, even though it means late nights for me.  I'm not ready to paint while my kiddos are awake. 

Any other creative wannabes out there?  I love the idea of creating something special for our home, something my kiddos will remember someday, and maybe fight over to have in their house.  Ha.  Forget I said that, I don't want to think about my kiddos growing up!  Seriously, though, what do you do to decorate and make your home meaningful?


Carly said...

http://distilleryimage11.s3.amazonaws.com/87f348bacecf11e19c2822000a1e8ab9_7.jpg this is my grouping I've been working on. Most of the pictures I made, a friend made, or I painted the frames. I do it during nap time, usually, thought since my kids like art, I set them up with something washable while I do it on the kitchen table with them.

mme said...

I've tried to comment a few times, but apparently Blogger keeps eating them. I love that gallery wall you are creating, Carly. I'm working with picture ledges at the moment, I'm thinking it might be easier to switch out the art for the seasons, if I so choose. Although, I am thinking about adding a gallery wall of frames either going up the stairs, or along the hall at the bottom of the stairs.