Master Bedroom Update

I'm proud to say my master bedroom is at a done for now state!  Of course, there are a few things I would like to change, but I am delighted with my progress and love the outcome thus far.  Remember moving day?  It was an empty shell, and we didn't have much to fill it with.

Five months later, here we are.  I wanted something restful and calming.  I love to sleep during thunderstorms and rainy mornings, so I tried to bring that feeling in.

I love the gray walls.  They are soothing and cozy.

My red chair has a home, hidden from grubby hands.

Love these watercolors.  A friend of mine brought them back from Italy.  Not only are they sentimental, but they add a bit of sophistication to the room.

Someday, I'd love to upgrade to a king bed.  I'd also like to make the ceiling fan light pretty, somehow.  Still brainstorming on that one (getting rid of it isn't an option for the hubby).  A floor mirror near the chair would be nice, plus more art or shelves on the walls, specifically above the bed and the dresser.  I love to re-arrange furniture, so I'm hesitant to nail something in the wall that I might have to move in another month or so.  The room still feels short and it needs something tall to draw the eye up, either a larger bed, a tall floor mirror, or huge piece of art.  None of that is necessary, but I can keep that thought in the back of my mind as I shop around for the next few years.  For now, the room works, and I love it.

bed- Pier 1, 10 years ago, dresser,  table lamps, woven baskets- Target, jewelry armoire - handmade gift, nightstands, floor lamp, and curtains- Ikea, red chair- West Elm, bench- Pottery Barn, paintings- gift from Italy, bedding- Anthropologie, Target, and Home Goods


Carly said...

I've been considering buying that same lamp from Target...that white one. I really like it!

mme said...

I love the lamp! They also had it in teal, but I'm a chicken and went with safe white.