sweet dreams

I had a dream.  A dream of white bedding.  Remember this?  Well, I can't get a vision of white bedding out of my head.  Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't share the same thoughts.  In his words, he "doesn't want to sleep under a frilly dress".  In the spirit of compromise, I came up with a solution.  Are you ready?  We each get to pick out a bedspread.  He sleeps under his on his side of the bed, and I sleep under mine on my side of the bed.  Am I nuts?  I actually saw this in a sneak peak of Ikea's new catalog and I find it genius.  Lucky for me, the quilt I've been drooling over has gone on sale.  I promptly placed my order and its here!

Isn't it lovely?  Its the Rosette bedding by Lazybones, carried by Anthropologie.  I've been dreaming about this bedding for over a year!  Originally, it wasn't available in white, only an ivory color.  I'm glad I held out, and got 25% off!  It's still a splurge, but I love it.

Unfortunately, my hubby isn't on the ball and hasn't found a quilt for his side of the bed.  He is still looking for the perfect Transformer bedset. Originally, we were each going to get a twin size.  However, I can't let my husband sleep in the cold, so I ordered a queen size.  He can share with me until he finds his own.  How's that for compromise?

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