Another Week Off, Another List

I'm on vacation again?  Or is it a mental health break?  Either way, its time to take on some more house projects.  We've been busy the last few weeks and I promise to share more soon.  But first, here is my motivation list.
  • add-on to the chalkboard wall.
  • hang up pictures in the bedroom
  • organize my master closet
  • re-style the mantle
  • box up kiddo clothes and re-organize their closets
    • take inventory and list what they need for fall
  • organize the laundry room
  • make it stop raining so we can go to the beach 
  • make something arts-y
Check back in a few days for my progress and pictures!

UPDATE: woo-hoo!  I almost did it all!

1 comment:

Carly said...

That is SO funny, I just wrote a blog post on list writing. Haha. You, my friend, are a list writer. Join the club, we'll get jackets.