Homemade Laundry Soap

So I realize this post is proof of how un-original I am.  I admit, I am a bit slow when it comes to trends; actually, resistant might be a better word.  Changing my habits simply because everyone else has tried it doesn't sit so well with me.  Perhaps, its because I'd rather watch others fail with the new stuff before I try my hand at it.  Anyway, point being that I've seen, read, and heard of many others making their own laundry soap concoction, so I figured its safe enough for me.

For starters, I started dropping hints to my hubby.  If there is one person that makes me seem like a risk-taker, its him.  In his mind, only green/crunchy/poor/mentally unbalanced, or a combination of the above would even want to attempt to make laundry soap.  I casually mentioned the idea for about a week.  I mentioned things like cheap ingredients and 5 minute prep time and low cost per load, and avoided saying i read on a blog and pinterest.  Finally, I decided it was pre-conditioned enough that I could just buy the stuff and make it.  He had enough warning.

I will add that I first saw the idea on Pinterest.  I never pinned it.  Then, I heard a co-worker rave about how she loves her homemade laundry detergent.  Shortly after, a friend of mine blogged about it.  And tweeted it.  I did a Google search, and a Pinterest search.  The concept became less weird for me.  You know what settled it?  I discovered I could pick my own bar of soap, which meant I could pick my own scent.  That's what nailed the lid in the coffin.  I'm serious, fragrance is that important to me.

I used the recipe from my friend Rachael.  I made a special trip to Walmart to pick up the ingredients.  I normally avoid Walmart like the plague, but I didn't have much of a choice since Target didn't carry the Washing Soda.  Once I got home, it took me 5 minutes to make.  Literally.
  • 1 cup of Borax (3-4 dollars)
  • 1 cup of Washing Soda (3-4 dollars)
  • 1 cup of OxyClean (6 to 8 dollars)
  • 1 bar of soap, grated (1 dollar, and yes, I used my cheese grater)
Mix ingredients and place in container.  Make the container cute, because you can.  I tied pink string on mine.  I also tied pink string on the tablespoon I placed inside for measuring.  I like pink.  In case you are wondering, I used oatmeal and almond scented soap.  I am addicted to almond and amaretto at the moment.  Oh, and this makes about 45 loads if you use a tablespoon per load.  I, errr I mean, my hubby, does a lot of kiddo laundry (which equals small loads) so we only use 1/2 tablespoon for those.

Thus far, I have very little complaints.  We do have a top-loading HE washer, but the soap is low sudsing and we haven't had an issue.

Anyway, this concludes my story of how I joined the cool kids and made my own laundry detergent.  Anyone else out there on the cool side of the laundry club?  Or are you of the school of thought only crazy people grate soap with a cheese grater?  Tell me about it.


Carly said...

I have unfortunately hippie tendencies, but after the homemade deodorant debacle, I won't try homemade laundry detergent. I think I have a baking soda sensitivity or something.

mme said...

DIY deodorant? I haven't heard about that one. You are much more brave then I to attempt that. An underarm is a sensitive area and absorbs things well, I bet that didn't turn out so hot.