27 Activies to do with Your Kiddo(s)

We are always looking for inexpensive ways to entertain our kiddos.  I've compiled a list for the next time I'm at a lost of what to do.

 book picnic

Free Options
  • go to the mall and play on the ride-on toys
  • spend the afternoon at the pool
  • go to the state park
    • play on the playground
    • walk on the pier
    • lay on beach
  • walk around the neighborhood's nature trail
  • ride bikes
  • visit park at Marketcommon
  • visit playground at Broadway
  • Play with Thomas the Train 
    • at Barnes and Noble
    • at AC Moore
    • Toys and Co 
  • walk on the Boardwalk 
  • read books outside
  • visit the pet store to watch fish
  • play in the backyard sprinkler
  • create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk
  • make a tent/fort
Low-cost Options
  • McDonalds lunch and play-place
  • Chik-fil-a lunch and playground
  • Sonic Happy Hour
  • ride the carousel at Broadway
  • get ice cream
Special Occasions
  • go see a movie
  • ride the Sky Wheel
  • go to the Aquarium
  • play mini-golf
  • ride kiddie-rides
    • Family Kingdom
    • Broadway
  • visit the Children's Museum
  • ship them to Grandma
Yes, this is tailored to my town, but I'm sure as you go through this list you will find something similar or even better in your neck of the woods.  And if there is something else you LOVE to do with your kiddos, please let me know!  I am always open to other activities, especially FREE ones.

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