Not Your Normal Oil

My skin it far from perfect.  I think most of us feel the same.  I had the normal teenage acne issues and haven't seem to outgrow it, even in my 30s.  My skin has always been oily, and while my acne outbreaks have diminished, they are still present.  I am more diligent about my skincare routine and pay much closer attention to what I put on it.  I love to experiment and am prone to impulse buys.  I've tried lots of things, but rarely by the same thing twice.  You could certainly say I'm on a quest for the perfect product.

Recently, I tried a face oil, Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Oil.

It came in my monthly Birchbox.  When I first saw it, I thought it was ridiculous.  Why would I put oil on my already greasy face?  I have not hit the dry skin that comes with mature skin; does Birchbox think I'm old?  I didn't try it right away.  Eventually, I thought, "what they heck, might as well try all my samples, that's what I'm paying for," so I did.  I wasn't sold completely.  For one, I really don't like the smell.  It's an organic natural product.  I think it smells like weeds.  However, after a few uses, I noticed my skin was velvety soft and glowed!  Now, I normally use a moisturizer and beauty balm with SPF on a regular basis, plus foundation on bad skin days.  I found myself just using the oil; it evens out my skin that much!

Now, it does have some draw backs.  I already mentioned the smell, but once the oil is on my face I don't notice the odor.  Plus, its a rather pricey product.  I think a full size bottle is $80!  So I doubt I'll be purchasing it.  Nevertheless, I am intrigued.  I am looking at less expensive face oils to try, perhaps a the perfect face product might be in my future!

Do you have a "go to" product or a secret skin care fix?  Spill the details!

Birchbox and Marie Veronique Organics have no idea who I am and are not paying me to write this.  I like to share when I discover something exciting and hope you might like it too!

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