Writing on the Wall

My kiddos are creative.  At least that's what I tell myself when I discover marks on the wall.  We've been in our house six months and I already have permanent marker on the wall, purple crayon on the dryer, and numerous pen marks and fingerprints artfully placed through out the house.  Most can be easily removed with baby wipes or a wet rag, but messy walls still frustrate me.  Luckily, chalkboard walls are all the rage, so I decided to try it out myself.

The wall across from our pantry isn't in visible view from the living room or dining area, so I chose it for my first project.  Just in case it turns out awful.  Initially, I thought I would tape of a section and frame out a chalkboard.  However, it was too high for the kiddos (and I bit high for me, if I'm honest).  So I decided to expand and paint down to the floor.

 So far, I'm excited about the prospect of writing on the wall; its always been taboo and my inner child is thrilled to break the rules.  I'm hoping my kiddos won't be as inclined to draw on every wall if they are allowed a designated space to mark up to their heart's content.

If this goes well, I'm thinking about painting under our breakfast bar.  That area is visible to the living room, but I'm thinking chalkboard paint might help hide kick marks and toe scuffs?  I'm gonna wait a few weeks and see how my first project holds up before tackling another one.

Anyone else have a chalkboard wall?  Maybe your kiddos draw on the wall and you've addressed it a different way?  I'd love to hear about it.

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