Kitchen Nook

I haven't posted much about my kitchen or eat-in nook.  I haven't really done too much to it since we moved in.  Plus, it's constantly messy.  Anyway, I figured it was about time to do a write up.

Here it is on moving day.

See, there isn't really a whole lot I need to do.  It looks nice.  Sure, there are things I'd love to change (white cabinets, different backsplash) but it would be silly to change those things on a brand new kitchen.  Not to mention costly and lots of effort.  So I am living with it, and probably will for quite some time.  I can't have everything I pin on Pinterest.

One of the first things we did was get a rug for under the table.  I found an awesome deal at RugsUSA.com  Seriously, it was like 40% off or more.  It function is primarily to protect the hardwood floors and is cheap enough I can replace it when it gets super nasty.

Second update was painting the chalkboard wall, although it really isn't too visible.  You can read more about that here.

Third update was the curtains (and screen door!) which you may remember from this post.

And finally, we installed these shelves.

They are the Sloane Leaning Shelves from Crate and Barrel in white.  I love the open shelving look and have been dreaming on how to get it in my kitchen.  When I ordered my bed, I also tacked on these shelves.  I mean, I had had a 15% coupon and discounted delivery, so I thought, why not?

We assembled them fairly easily (with the help of some hard cider) and secured them to the wall with an anti-tople mechanism.  Hopefully, the kiddos and the kitten don't climb them.

I absolutely love the look.  I finally have open space to display my collection of West Elm and Target impulse buys.  Oh, and I can fit baskets on the bottom shelves to store table linens, candles, and the like.  I might even be able to squeeze on a few cookbooks.

Overall, the kitchen is mostly done.  Eventually, I want to paint, but since it is open to the living room, both will have to be done at the same time.  I'd also like to switch out the light above the table.  And of course I'm always on the hunt for fun accessories (floor runner, clock, new drawer pulls, more Target impluse buys for my shelves).  What kitchen updates have you done recently?

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