A Walk in the Park

Its been almost four weeks since the Princess had her birthday.  The weekend following, we went to a new park.  It is fenced in.  I love that.  I almost didn't have to watch my kids, except for the dangerous, high playground equipment and my curious kiddos.  Darn.  Also, they were being cute and having so much fun, that I tried to snap a few pictures.  Of course, I am only uploading those same pictures tonight.  Anyway, here are my beautiful babies.

These are a few of my favorite of Princess up close.....I love her expressions.

And here is Handsome.  The little turkey wouldn't look at me most of the day.  He was too busy running away, looking for the next big thing.  I'm also blaming his running for the lack of focus in the pictures.

And here is my rebel.  Already daring to be different.  Somehow, I actually have more pictures of Handsome than Princess.  That's not supposed to happen for a second born.  I guess he got lucky this time, especially, since it wasn't his birthday.

Which picture is your favorite?  Any chance my babies are starting to look like me?  I still see hubby when I look that them, which really isn't a bad thing.  I just assumed my kiddos would have some of my features, too.



A.D. McGregor said...

OMG, what adorable pictures! :) I miss the kiddos.

Peggy said...

The pictures of Ainsley and Harry are so cute ! I too love all Ainsley 's expressions . I am sure they had so much fun !

mme said...

Thank you! I also think my babies are the most adorable!(can't you tell??)

James said...
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Anonymous said...

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