There's a Spring in My Step

 I don't know about you, but I'm itching for spring.  I'm tired of the snow, ice, and cold.  I think my kids are, too.  On one of the nice days, we took the kids for a walk and snapped some pictures.  Well, hubby took the pictures, I chased the kids.  Most of the pics were of the kids running away from us.  It was beautiful, clear, 70-something, and WINDY.  Two days later, it snowed.  At least we have some pictures to remind us what beautiful weather and stir crazy kids look like.
Handsome running

Happy Baby Boy and Mommy

My Princess
  Power lines make me wish for Photoshop, my iPhoto can't erase them completely.  I can't wait for it to green up and the wind to die down.  Maybe in a few weeks we can have another photo session.  Hubby already said next time he will chase the kids and I can take the pictures.


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