Another wish list

When we move, we plan on taking as little as possible.  Kinda hard with a family of four and a billion baby things.  One plan in the works is to ditch a baby bed and buy a new big-girl bed for Princess.  I'm on the fence whether to get a twin or full.  It will probably come down to the kind of deal I can get.  I'm also stuck between wood or metal.  Today, metal is winning.  I remember having a white metal bed as a young girl.  Oh, Mom, why did you give it away?  I need it now!  Oh, right the moving thing, I don't want to move it.  :)  Anyway, here are a few I am dreaming of for my little princess.

Porto Bed Crate and Barrel
Love the gentle lines in this one and the dark metal.

Classic Iron Bed Pottery Barn Teen
Ironically, I like the white metal of this one.  I also like the details.

Lillesand Bed, Ikea
This one is simple, and its from Ikea, so it is cheap.  I need to see it in the store to determine the quality of it before purchasing.  Have I mentioned its cheap?

Vignette bed, Land of Nod

I think this one is my favorite.  It has nice details, gentle curves, but the most expensive. (I think)  I also love the bright pink bedding and the wall paper.  I adore the wall paper.  Crazy I know.

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

UPDATE:*********  My MIL has informed me her sister has an iron bed stored in her attic/basement/somewhere-in-their-house.  AND I can have it for Princess!  Yay!  Of course it will need cleaned and repainted, but I like the idea of having a family heirloom for my princess.  Of course I haven't seen it, but I'm not that concerned about the design aspect since it will be refinished.  Another reason I can't wait for June! 


Jennifer said...

I actually like the second one and I like the white better than the black. Since its for a Princess I think the white would look better with girly colors. If you were ambitious...which I'm not...I'm sure you could probably find one at a garage sale or estate sale for cheap and then redo. That all takes time and patience though. Buying ready would be easy.

mme said...

Yay for my first comment! Now I know someone reads this! Anyway, I am leaning a bit more to a white as well. I would love to find one second hand and save some money, however, I'm not sure time will be on my side. I don't want my princess to be without a bed for very long once we move.

Peggy said...

I like the Land of Nod bed. I think you can find some great bedding and other things to gonwith itvforvthe room. As Ainsley gets older then you can change things, like bedding and colors but the bed will grow with her.