Bowled Over

Ugh.  West Elm sent me a teaser email.  I officially hate them, I mean, I dislike them for making home decor and housewares I need.  Like these beauties, for example.

I have a thing for bright mixed patterns, with a vintage vibe.  Or maybe its a modern vibe.  Whatever, I LOVE them.  While I'm dreaming of these amazing bowls, I might need to pick out some friends to keep them company. 

I think these mugs would do quite nicely.  I love their little pedestal.  Unfortunately, I am moving in less then three months (!!!) My goal of moving less is getting in the way of my shopping high.  Darn.  Practicality wins this time, maybe in three months I can make these babies mine.

1 comment:

Peggy said...

These look great M iLife them too! They would go well with some white plates from IKEA !

I want to get rid of my living room stuff and get furniture from West Elm !