Have a Heart

The Princess celebrated her birthday in style.  I didn't go "all out" as I have in previous years, yet I still tried to make it special.  I'm not really one for corny themes, but I found plates and cups on clearance after Valentine's Day, so I decided to go with a heart theme.  After all, my Princess has stolen my heart.  She loves pink and purple, so I tossed in some red.  That's girl-y enough, right?

These are the treats.  Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I had them sitting out when she work up from her nap, probably not the best idea in hindsight.

Yes, those are sugar hearts.  I made a stencil out of wax paper, covered the cupcake, and sprinkled sugar, remove the stencil, and voila! lovely perfect hearts.

Before I knew what happened, she was in the chair with cupcake in hand.  Yes, she had a bite.  I made her put it back.  Horrible, mean Mommy.  She helped make the cupcakes that morning and Mommy wouldn't let her taste the batter or eat a cupcake.  I made her get dressed so we could go outside to take a family picture.

This picture took at least 30 minutes to get.  And it isn't even "perfect" but its my family.  The kiddos got to run around for a bit before I made them stand still.  Promises (threats?) of juice, cupcakes, and presents may have been made.

Can anyone say spoiled?  At least most of it was clothes or something small and easily packed.  I love how she finally knew what to do with wrapping paper.  Although little brother helped.  He's catching on quick.

After trashing my living room, we gave the kids cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday".  For dinner, we had lasagna, caesar salad, green beans, and a baguette.  I also made a punch to go with cupcakes.  The kids really didn't eat dinner, but who could blame them when their bellies were full of "coo-cakes" and punch?  I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Princess!

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