That was quick

I suppose I was a bit hasty yesterday. I whined about not having a computer, missing the internets, and impending boredom and doom. I acted like a spoiled brat. I guess that is because I am one. Today, my iPad arrived! It was scheduled to come on Tuesday, so naturally we were very surprised! Unfortunately, my life isn't a bed of roses, so we did have a few complications. Since I'm not the type to make a long story short, here are all the gory details. In order to set up the iPad, we needed to connect it a computer and iTunes to register it. Of course, we cannot wait until Monday or (horror) Tuesday. Normally, this would only take 5 seconds, however we were missing said computer. Fortunately, we have some lovely friends who also have a Mac. After some schedule wrangling, kiddo feeding, and three hours, we were set. Sort of. Hubs is the mastermind behind the security for our Internet connection. I mean, so good, he can't get the iPad connected since the apple is missing. Durn security and smart hubby. So he purchase a one day Internet subscription so we could add stuff to the iPad and I can surf. Sweet hubby. I guess I'm not the only addict in the house. So, yes, I typed this whole post on my iPad. You should all be impresses. Especially since I deleted it once. The WHOLE thing. And had to start over. I am one dedicated blogger.

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