A Prayer is Answered

This week we got some exciting news.  A positioned has opened up for me in SC!  I will be splitting my time between two stores and working every other weekend.  My start date has moved up to June 17th!!!!  I am thrilled to have a permanent schedule.  The stores I will be working at are only open 9-7 and are in a high tourist area.  That means they are not high volume, but the focus is on customer service.  Working 10 hour days will be a change for me, and every other weekend instead of every third.  However, I think it will be a nice change of pace.  I am in a high volume store now and it will seem like a vacation to be in a slower store(s).  I might get bored after a bit, but I will worry about it when I get to that point.  I get a three day weekend every other weekend and every Thursday off!  I'm pretty excited.  One thing I am a bit nervous about is working by myself.  I work with lots of fun people now, so I'm not sure how I will handle working mostly by myself.  I know the LORD knows what I need and will help me with whatever challenge I may face.  Our prayer has been answered concerning my job transfer! 

PS:  I already looked ahead and I am off my hubby's b-day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and Christmas weekend!  Yay!


A.D. McGregor said...

Thanks for the text. Very exciting news, congrats!

peggy said...

wow that is so awesome! so I will get to see you alot or see the kids. Beach time this summer with my big girl, baby girl and little man.!