Inspired by White

I'm feeling pretty white and beachy thanks to ABeachCottage.  I've never really been a huge fan of white on white.  I mean, I think it looks nice, but always thought it impractical.  I tend to like my furniture dark.  However, after browsing her blog, I think I am in love.  I really love her white-on-white bedding.  I love the ruffles and the textures.  I might have to plagiarize.  Well, I give her full credit.  I'm not creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own.  If you haven't already spied her wonderful blog, you need to check it out. 

So, I'm on the hunt for white bedding.  I am gifting my current  bedding to Princess once we move, so new bedding will be a necessity.  I like eyelet, ruffles, maybe something crocheted.  I think I will know it when I see it.  Here is my inspiration shot:
this is mrs bc bed.
My thought is that I can start with white in my(our) bedroom, and as the kiddos get bigger and I am more adventurous, white can slowly edge its way into the rest of the house.  Even hubby says white belongs at the beach.  He also says I'll need to decorate with sea shells, but I'm choosing not to listen to that part.  I am finding beautiful textured white linens in Target's Simply Shabby Chic collection.  The good part is that Tar-jay is fairly cheap.  West Elm and Pottery Barn also have white beauties.  I can't wait to see what Ikea has to offer in person.  I know my inspiration room was made of thrifted vintage items, but I'm not sure where to look yet in SC.  Plus, I can't shop thrifted vintage online.  Who knows, maybe by the time we move I'll be over vintage white.

Does anyone else feel their style changes as often as mine?   I am working on keeping an inspiration notebook so I can look back and see the consistencies of what decor catches my eye.  Maybe I am still figuring out my style, or maybe I simply have too much free time.  Yeah right.  So what websites/blogs/magazines inspire you?

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Peggy said...

Sorry I got lost in the link and forgot to comment. I do like all the white and with renting for a while it will work just fine. Resist the urge to paint walls and just enjoy the cleaness.... until someone touches something with PB on their hands. :)