Learning Curve

This week has been an emotional week and it's only Wednesday. At least it's halfway over. Last week I had been placed in a store, or rather, two stores, but it was a fixed schedule. I stressed out about finding housing in the middle of touristy, commercial MB. I prayed, I cried, and Friday night I found the perfect place. I thought it too good to be true, so I slept on it. Saturday morning I showed the craigslist ad to hubby. He was enamored as well and urged me to call. So I did. The agent spoke with the owner, who apparently is a bit picky about who he rents to. We passed the first test, so the agent agreed to email more pics. If we like the place enough, we can apply and place a deposit on it to hold it until June! We were over the moon. I hate waiting. Well, Monday night, I get an email from the new distict stating the previous position is no longer available. That employee decided not to leave. Bummer. They anticipate an opening in another store. It's 30 minutes away from the amazing rental house. Double bummer. I was really hoping for a short, easy commute. Hearts crushed. Lots of prayers ensued, heck, we are still praying. Currently, we still feel this rental is the best opportunity for our family. I drive the same distance to work here. The location is awesome, two blocks from the beach, walking distance to restaurants, grocery,etc. The interior is recently renovated, it's beautiful. We are continuing to pray and trust God that is the place for our family. It's pretty amazing what can happen when you let go and honestly have faith that God will provide. I feel like this is a break through for me; even if we don't end up living in this house. I'll try to post pictures once we know for sure if this is our next home.

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