House Hunting

Now that I know where I am working, we can focus a bit more on where we will be living.  We already have a house "wish list" we are praying for, now we can focus on the location.  The stores I will be working at are about 20 minutes apart.  I don't think that includes tourist traffic.  Ideally, we would like to live between them.  I am trying to keep in mind we are looking for temporary housing until we can buy something.  Since I have a permanent job position, would could buy within 6 months to a year providing we can maintain a savings fund for a house.  Currently, my problem, is finding a place in our target location.  I need to be patient and not freak out.  I need to relax and trust God.  I need to stop stalking craigslist.  Nevertheless, this is much easier said then done.  I haven't ever moved my family halfway across the US before.  I'm the one that supposed to take care and provide for them and I'm feeling a bit stressed.  Anyone have any tips on finding a good rental quickly in another state?  I'm really struggling to have some faith and not try to do this all on my own.

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Peggy said...

Keep looking for your place to live on the lists and when you go to Myrtle you will find it. God is preparing the way with your prayers. It will all work out.