A Day in the Life of....

Telephone ringing incessantly.
"Hello, this is a pharmacist, how can I help you?"
"Pharmacy, please."  don't pharmacists work in pharmacies???
"This is the pharmacy, how can I help you?
"I need to speak to the pharmacist."  isn't that what I first said??
"This IS the pharmacist."
"Oh....well, I need......."

While today, this technically didn't happen to me, it did to the amazing pharmacist I work with.  I would venture to say it happens at least four times a week, if not more.  At least in this case, it was a nurse calling an an prescription, and not an elderly person calling to see if their stool softeners are ready for pickup.  I really despise answering the phone. 

1 comment:

Peggy said...

Hello, can is this the pharmacy?

Can I speak to the Pharmacist?

You sound so young, are you really the Pharmacist ?