Ring Around the Rosy

Handsome has been doing the cutest thing lately.  He's been running around (mostly in circles) singing "Ashes, Ashes, Ashes".  We were quite perplexed for a while.  Sometimes he would sit down in the middle of his song.  Finally, we figured out he was playing "ring-around-the-rosy".  I have played that once or twice with Princess, but that was several months ago.  It is not something they play at church, so we aren't sure where else he would have learned it.  He must have remembered it from several months ago!  He has such a good memory! 
This morning the three of us played it together.  Princess loves to try to sing  along and loves "falling down".  However, Princess and Handsome would not hold hands.  They both wanted to hold on to Mommy.  So we had an open circle.  I love that my children are big enough to play together!

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