I absolutely cannot wait to move.  I feel like I am starting a new life, fresh, and clean.  Not that I am living a dirty life now, just looking forward to a different one.  So I have already expressed that I want to move as little as possible.  Yet I still feel like "nesting" for my new one.  NO I am not preggo.  anyway, I came up with the clever idea of buying things and having them sent to my mom's house.  Then I will only have to move them 4 hours instead of 24.  So here is my latest purchase.  Any guesses where it is from?

WEST ELM!!!  These adorable alphabet mugs are on sale with free shipping, so I ordered and M and S  (NOT S and M).  Watch for them, Mom!  I can't wait to fill them up with coffee (hot chocolate for hubs) and sip them in the mornings while breathing in the salty ocean breeze......  Shopping addiction satisfied for the moment!

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peggy said...

Oh I wish you would have bought a P since I have an M you could have. Oh well!

I enjoy my mugs, isn't it funny how we buy the same things ?