Happy Birthday, Momma!

It's my Momma's Birthday!  I think she is 25, but I can't remember.  It probably a good thing I don't know, she probably wouldn't want me telling the internets her age.  I miss her bunches, but just a few short months and she will be much closer!  Twenty hours closer, I think.  That's a baby-sitting opportunity waiting to happen.  Are you busy June 18th?  I think I might have plans and need a sitter for the weekend.  j/k.....sort of.  Anyway, I scrounged around to find a pic of my beautiful Momma, but the ones have don't do her justice.  I'm going to blame it on the old camera, bad lighting, and my general inability to take an artful picture.  
I know this one is grainy, and has horrible lighting, but I love their eyes!
Handsome is only a few days old, and GrandMomma had a long day with Princess, but she is so proud of him!
Outdoor lighting is better, but Princess wants to escape.

Seeing these pictures makes me realize how few I actually have of my Momma.  Guess who is having a photo shoot the next time I see her? The perfect belated birthday present!  Smooch!


Peggy said...

Molly that is so awesome! You made me cry. Now I have big dark streaks on my face and my eyes burn of mascara ! But it really is a great feeling to be touched in your heart!
I might be free the 18th for shopping at IKEA, sushi and dessert at Amelies French bakery ? What to join me. I <3 u!

mme said...

We might need a baby-sitter so we can have a girls weekend. I need to experience Ikea and West Elm sans babies. Maybe for hubs b-day you can keep the kiddos?

Peggy said...

So are we having hubs watch the kids for IKEA and West ELm or am I the babysitter?