twenty twelve

I have a ton of goals.  If I think about them too much, I get overwhelmed.  Sometimes, goals are frustrating because you can't always do much about them right away.  I suppose those are technically called "long term goals".  Last year, I was able to mark off some long term goals (moving!) so its time to re-evaluate and make more.  Tis the season, right?

get out of debt.  Specifically, pay off credit card and a private student loan.  Its embarrassing to admit I carry a credit card balance.  However, I've already made the baby step of not using it and not carrying it with me.  We paid off two (small) student loans and a credit card last year, so its time to step it up to the larger balances.  I'm excited to see how fast it can be knocked out know that I can almost triple the minimum payment.

buy a house.   Ok, so this has been a long term goal for sometime now.  Hopefully, we can actually make it happen this summer.  Once our taxes are completed and we have a better idea of our down payment, its off to the bank to get pre-approved, then house hunting!

manage budget.   More precisely, track personal and food spending better.  I've discovered my online banking service has budgeting tools and more pie charts then I know what to do with.  The past few months I've learned our "personal" and "food" budgets can vary widely and really make or break staying on track with our money plans.  I'd like to come up with a more realistic expectation for the budget and an improved plan for staying on track.

improve balance between work and home.  Is this on everyone's list?  So this is probably the goal of a lifetime, but seriously, I have some work do be done here.  I want to leave work on time two days out of the week, but obviously I need to have my act together at work.  Its all about prioritizing and time management.

have more quality family time.  Another no brainer, I know.  Dates with my kiddos, dates with my hubby, and turning off the computer while the kids are awake are how I planning on making this one come true.  (anyone have any ideas for inexpensive kiddo dates?  let me know in the comments)

really find a church.  enough said.  well, maybe except we need to attend said church and get involved.  seriously, we need friends.

make time for personal fitness.  walks on the beach are easy when its 80 degrees and sunny.  not so much when its 45, windy, and the sun sets at 5pm.  I should probably invest in a windbreaker and work on leaving my job while its still daylight.  Or push this one to the back burner until spring.

See how I get overwhelmed with goals?  I didn't even really include my long term ones.  Or the ones like "buy a pair of Frye boots".  Maybe next year.


Carly said...

Oh, buy a pair of Frye boots, sounds like a great goal! The rest of 'em sound good, too. Haha. They don't sound too unobtainable, depending on how much debt you actually carry. I don't really have any goals for this year, besides what has to happen. Cam HAS to get a job, thus, we HAVE to move. The tots HAVE to get potty trained...you get the idea.

Cam and Jubee go for hot cocoa at Panera on their dates, and Sam and I usually just go shopping. Haha. Yes, I'm teaching him early to not whine when a woman drags him to Pier 1. That's just good parenting.

mme said...

sigh. I wish we had Panera.

RA said...
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RA said...

I like your new blog look! Good list for 2012. Looks a lot like mine! It took us a whole year after we moved to CA to find a church...and then a few months to start going and making friends! I hope you guys find a place you like!

mme said...

Thanks, Rachael! I despise "church shopping" We had picked one to "just go to" but can't seem to make it regularly. Hopefully we can change that this year!