Pretty Hairpin Tutorial

Like most of my good ideas, I'm pretty sure this one came from pinterest, although I didn't pin it at the time and my subsequent searches have been unsuccessful.  It's a pretty basic idea, just paint bobby pins.  I chose to use nail polish because its the only kind of paint I have lying around in multiple colors, plus it dries quickly.  So here ya go:

 First, I placed the pins on a duckbill clip to keep them suspended and immobile.  You could also use a piece of cardboard/paper/etc.  The flat side is up to paint since it will be the side most likely to show in your hair.  (ribbed side goes against your head)

Next, choose your colors.  I've used several different brands of nail polish with great luck.  I like the fast drying kind because I'm impatient.  Also keep in mind what would contrast with your hair color.  For example, midnight blue won't show up in my dark brown hair. (durnnit)

Paint the flat edge, plus the curves on either end.  Heck, you can paint the whole thing if you want.  I only painted what would show in my hair.

Allow the pins to dry.  While I do have fast drying polish, I recommend waiting a few hours to overnight before putting in your hair.  I don't know about you, but the idea of nail polish stuck in my hair doesn't sound like fun, so I wait plenty of time.

You're done!  Customized bobby pins to add a bit of personality to your hair!  Match the pins to your outfit or throw in a rainbow assortment.  Plus, the project costs next to nothing if you are like me and already have a drawer full of pins and nail polish.  I hope you enjoy your new hair accessories!

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