January Birchbox

Another month, another lovely surprise! 

I really treasure opening these boxes.  I'm really like a giddy little girl.  Perhaps its a bit silly, but sometimes its the silly things that brighten our day.

Now, I realize this pictures aren't the best.  They were snapped on my phone, and its not even a fancy iphone.

Five goodies came this month (six if you count the Birchbox logo magnets)

  • Borghese: lovely moisturizer enhancer.  Its supposed to help your moisturizer work better.  Maybe that goes without saying?
  • Stila:  waterproof eyeliner in peacock.  I'm not one to normally wear bright eyeliner, but this blue/green shade did make my eyes appear brighter.  Plus, its a nice, smooth eyeliner, goes on easy and its twists to sharpen.
  • LaraBar.   coconut cream pie fruit and nut bar.  It was surprisingly yummy, I don't normally like these sort of things.
  • Juicy Couture:  Viva la Juicy perfume.  A bright floral/fruity/sweet scent.  My Princess loves it.
  • Jouer:  body butter in an intoxicating scent.  It smells of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle.  I haven't found a Jouer product I don't love.  In other words, I heart this lotion.
And that's my monthly box!  I adore the tiny pink package and the delight it brings.  Have you tried it yet?  (read about past boxes if you are interested here, here, and here.  And more info here.)

Birchbox has no idea who I am, I just love this product.

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