It's hard to believe seven years have past.  Time is an odd thing, on one hand it feels like yesterday I was shivering in the cold eagerly awaiting my walk down the aisle; and on the other its seems I've known you all my life.  Despite my memory trying to play tricks on me, I do know one thing; I can't imagine my life without you.

Eight years ago I prayed for my future husband, that God would bring him to me when He thought was right.  I'm very thankful for you.

Seven years ago we made a vow to each other for better or worse.

You were my whirlwind romance, the love I wasn't expecting, my best friend I needed.  You are my partner, the father of our children, my balance in life.  I adore you, my love.  I am grateful for the last seven years and eagerly anticipate the next one.   Happy Anniversary.

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