Queen City

Last week, we took a much needed vacation.  I had lofty goals of photo documentation, but I fell flat on my face.  I didn't take a single picture.  Nevertheless, I had loads of fun and feel well rested.  Even if I can't prove it.

We started off by driving my kiddos to my parents house three hours away.  My brother and sister-in-law were to meet us there.  Hubby and I left the kids in in their care while we drove on to Charlotte.  We had booked a hotel for two! nights.  I had dreams of lounging in bed and ordering room service.  Basically, I wanted to be lazy.  Did I mention we were also celebrating our anniversary?  (seven)  Hubby wouldn't let me book the Ritz-Carlton so he found a room in a Hilton.  One freeway exit away from Ikea.  That's right, the highlight of our anniversary vacation was a trip to Ikea.

This was our first trip to Ikea together.  While we really didn't need anything, we did set a cash budget ahead of time in case we found something we were unable to live with out.  Like most people, we have a list of furniture items we are on the lookout for.  Ours includes a desk chair, coffee table and end/occasional table.  I also wanted another Rens sheepskin.

I'm not really sure how much time was spent at Ikea.  Maybe two hours.  We browsed to our hearts content in the showroom, picked apart the living room organization centers, lusted after the kitchens, and found a desk chair!  (luckily, it was intended as a dining room chair and therefore not ugly)  Then, we took a break for meatballs and chocolate cake.  Yum.  Of course the downstairs received its fair share of attention.  I picked up my sheepskin and two clothes drawer organizers.  We shall see if the Princess will leave them in her dresser.  I also picked up two junior chairs for the kiddos.  They are white molded plastic and much easier to wipe clean than our existing wood dining chairs.  We even came in under budget!

After Ikea, we browsed an outlet mall.  Its floor and paint job made my eyes bleed, but we got more exercise so I guess it was worth it.  Another highlight was the two hour nap I got to take on our king size bed.  Delicious sleep.  And afterwards, a romantic dinner in a trendy sushi restaurant.  We haven't been out for sushi since we moved to the beach!  Isn't that ridiculous?  We were waaay over due.

Hmm...what else am I missing?  We made a trip to West Elm our first night.  It. Was. Awesome.  Except for the part about Hubby saying their furniture doesn't match my design style in our house.  He missed the point of me wanting to replace MY furniture with THEIR furniture.  I did get a few decor items, two small clocks (silver and green), a beautiful cereal bowl to hold my jewelry, and a lovely mug with a heart on it.  And we bought a rice cooker from Target.  I guess you  could say we are no longer newlyweds.

Oh?  And the kids?  They spent three days of bliss with Grandma.  And by bliss, I mean Princess doesn't like dogs and Grandma has one, and my brother brought his, so Princess spent three days in tears with her hands over her ears.  We thought she would warm up to them.  Apparently not.  This means I've already blown my Mother of the Year award and its only January.  Plus, there goes Hubby's plans to get a dog for his birthday.  Darn.

What did you do last weekend?  Anyone else terrified of dogs or used to be and can tell me the secret of how to get over it?


Carly said...

Oh man, terrified of dogs? My brother and his wife always bring over their two pit bulls when they come, and my sister and her husband bring their giant Goldendoodle, and Sam and Jubee love them to pieces. I don't even have any advice, sorry.

I'm jealous of your anniversary trip, though. For Cam and I's 7th last month, we went for beer and burgers at the local microbrewery/pub. It was fun, but no two days in a king-sized bed next to an Ikea.

tiffany said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! With a kiddo due in about 7 weeks, I'm already lusting over the next time hubby and I will get to take a trip like that!
No suggestions for dog fears either, but I DO have a knock-off recipe for the IKEA meatballs that I would be happy to email to you. :)