Long week

I don't have anything inspiring to share this week.  No new recipe, decor, or precious picture of my kiddos.  Its been kinda boring around here.  I've been working all week and trying to survive the stress/anxiety/stomach bugs that come with my job.  Its zapped the energy out of me.  I started blogging for several reasons, one of them being to serve as a creative outlet.  I'm struggling with that.

This week hubby and I took a step toward a goal of ours, one of home-ownership.  We got pre-approved for a mortgage.  Now, that's not really a huge step, but it has caused us to seriously ponder our next steps for our family.  What is it we really want out of life?  A beautiful spacious home for family and guests?  A small place close to the sea?  How important is it to pay off our debt quickly?  How long to I want to work full-time?  Unfortunately, I can't have these things at the same time.  We have to prioritize and make choices.  I don't like making decisions.  I'm afraid I will make the wrong one.

I once had a pastor say, "Sometimes, you have to say 'no' to the good things in order to say 'yes' to the great things".  How do you know what's good and what's great?  Hubby and I are praying for some great things.  I think I will always be afraid to make the wrong decision, but I pray that I won't let it paralyze me.

We've toured a few new home communities, and one resale house.  Hopefully, we will meet with a realtor next week.  I have been dreaming about this for years, and while it's exciting that it is actually happening, it's terrifying as well.  I've spent waaay too much time on Zillow, and Realtor.com.  Although, I have found a new blog to read Hooked on Houses.  It's a fun read.   You should check it out.

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