Staycation 2012

I've been on vacation this week and its been glorious.  We've done a lot, but yet we haven't done anything.  I'll try to share more later, but I'm on vacation after all.  For now, I'm soaking up my time with the kiddos and trying to find balance between house projects and afternoons in the sun.  Hubby and I take turns sleeping in/lounging in bed until 10am, cleaning up kid messes, and making coffee runs the afternoon.  At this point, I think I could be on vacation forever.  How many days off does it take before you miss work?  Or maybe it's better measured in how many messes your kiddos make.  Either way, I still have time.

this is totally my style
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Plus, I am very thankful I get to sleep in my own, sweet bed, with delicious blankets, and a breezy fan.  Camping in a tent, without running water, rocks in your back, and bugs in your shoes will never compare.

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