Put a (slip)cover on it

I had a fabulous weekend and Mother's Day. Did you? We started off on Saturday by having an afternoon date. We ate at a new restaurant, window shopped at Market Common, browsed Target without screaming kiddos, had frappuccinos, and picked out some plants from Lowes.

On Sunday, we had a lazy day.  I got to sleep-in during a rainstorm.  I absolutely love sleeping while its raining.  Then, we did a few house projects, cleaning the garage, breaking down boxes,  unpacking books onto some bookshelves.  Nothing huge, but sometimes its the little things that make a big mental impact.

And here is another highlight:

We purchased this chair and slipcover from World Market. (love those 10% off coupons)

We decided to move my red West Elm chair to our bedroom.

The kiddos aren't very friendly to it, and since its spot clean only and already has its share of discolorations, we decided to protect it from future harm for a while. Plus, it is nice to have a place to sit in the bedroom while dressing.  Now, I realize its replacement looks even more risky since it is ivory, but it is a slipcover!  I can remove and wash it at will!  Or even replace the slipcover if needed.  Plus, I have a dream of owning a light colored slipcovered couch and this serves as a test run.

Next on the list, an ottoman for the living room....just gotta get hubby on board with that one.

How did you spend your weekend?

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