Cheap House Project #1

Moving in can be expensive.  I'm trying to keep it cheap.  We are blessed to have bought a large house, but are faced with not having furniture to fill it.  Plus, I'm still on the whole get-out-of-debt thing.  Which means I am learning how to become more creative with my house decor.  Enter project number one.

We don't have night stands.  The last place we used bookshelves, and were fortunate to have sconces built in.  Now we don't.  However, I do have an old occasional table (from Target clearance, where else?)  It was dark and dinged up, so I decided to spray paint it and lighten the look.

Here it is in our previous house. 

It took several coats.  I used a primer, then gray paint, then a gloss top coat for extra durability.  Over the course of about a week (I had my work schedule and rain to contend with) we had a new night stand!

Its a light gray, and in person its more of a blue-gray.

It's functional and only cost me a few dollars for spray paint.
What do you think?

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