Yay for weekends!

I finished my first nine days in SC with the new job!  I survived and didn't quit and move back to KS!  That isn't to say that I didn't think about it!  The last week seemed like the longest one in my life.  I am sincerely glad it is over and do not want a repeat.  Reflecting back, it really wasn't that bad.  However, that's not to say it was a walk in the park, either.
It began with me starting work a day earlier than I planned.  Let's just say I have a hard time saying "No" to people in need.  I did negotiate an eight hour shift instead of 12.  I should get extra credit for that.  Plus, I saved a vacation day to spend with any future visitor this year.  Lucky me walked in at 12:45 to find the computers weren't working, and had not been since the store opened.  Yippee.  Finally, between 3 and 4pm the computers came up, and we had a whole day's work to make up.  In the middle of the dinner rush, Hubby calls and states he somehow locked himself out of the house.  No car keys, no wallet, barefoot, and both kiddos in the house asleep.  He made it to a neighbor's house to borrow their phone to call me at work.  Unfortunately, I cannot leave and don't get off until 9pm.  I tell him I will try to figure something out.  My mind freaks out.  I hold back tears, wait a few minutes, then ask my technician if she will take my house key and drive to my house to give it Hubby.  She agrees.  Our house is 20 minutes or more away.  She is gone over an hour, but at least my hubby makes it back in before the kiddos wake up.  Not my ideal first day.
The weekend I spend at the slowest store in the district.  I am the only employee in the pharmacy and I do less than 50 rxs each day.  I have busy moments, but 9 hours is torture to spend alone.  At least 95% of the customers were friendly and thankful for my help.
Day five began 10 hours at the busiest store the in the area, in a town 30 minutes away.  The store does about the same volume as my former store in KS, but they are 24 hours.  I expected it to be easier since some of the work should have been done over night.  Wrong thinking.  Mondays are typically the busiest day anyway, but this place isn't as efficient as it could be.  Plus, these people don't believe in taking breaks, apparently.  I should have feigned a smoke break.  On the up side, I met the district operations trainer, and she seemed really nice and helpful.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the busy store.  Tuesday, I found myself missing KS and 3772 a bunch.  I missed my co-workers and friendly banter.  I'm still the newbie and no one really trusts my opinion yet.  I know it will take time to build that trust relationship, but it still hurts not to be taken seriously.
Thursday I worked three hours in the slow store.  Yup, three whole hours.  It wasn't too bad, I had a tech to talk to for two hours of it.  Friday was back to the busy store.  The store manager and operations trainer complimented my on work ethic and attitude.  I was surprised they had looked at my numbers, but pleased they noticed and took the time to tell me.  It was a rough week, but I had some positive notes, too.
This weekend we took the kiddos to the beach.  Finally.  I have been waiting for almost two weeks.  Do you know what's even more amazing then walking two blocks to the beach?  Walking to Starbucks for an iced white chocolate mocha ON THE WAY to the beach.  Yes, there is a Starbucks three blocks from my house, one block from the beach.  I'm in heaven.  We had a blast at the beach.  I tagged along after Handsome.  We dug in the sand and waded in the ocean.  Hubby and Princess jumped in the waves.  Both kids cried when we left.  Princess asked to go to the beach this afternoon and make sand castles.  I'm so happy my kids can grow up here.
Tomorrow, we are going to try a new church.  I'm excited to go and meet some new people.  Its important for our family to make new relationships, especially if Hubby gets locked out again.

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Peggy said...

The beach is the BOMB ! So much fun, nice and cool and wet. I would cry when I leave but I am not 3 so have to hold it in.
Creating my retreat in the woods.