Blast From the Past

I don't really miss high school, but I miss eating lunch with these girls.

Samantha, Betsy, and Jennifer.

Betsy, Jessica, Samantha, and half of Jennifer.

Ok, so here is me and three fourths of Betsy. I think this was take in 1999 or early 2000. I was probably 18. I miss the Home Ec. room, pizza rolls and tator tot casserole. Jennifer, do you still eat a Reese's every day?

Me, Betsy, and Jennifer at Betsy's baby shower. Spring 2003, I think.

Betsy, her two children, Samantha, my baby princess, me, and

Samantha, Jennifer, Me, Betsy. Summer 2010?

Samantha, Jennifer, Me, Betsy. Early 2011.

Again, Me, Betsy, Jennifer, Samantha. Slightly different order. May, 2011.

Notice how we mostly sit in the same order? Humans are creatures of habit. We had our last lunch about a week ago. It will probably be awhile before we get another one. However, the next one will hopefully be followed by a walk on the beach and a cool ocean breeze. No one will be able to replace my lunch bunch; I already miss you girls.


Peggy said...

I know you will miss all the girls but I am sure they can come see you someday. It will be fun to twitter them or text but BFF's are hard to find.
Thanks ladies for being Molly's awesome friends all these years. I know you will all stay in touch.

Betsy said...

Molly is an amazing woman and I'm lucky to call her my friend :) Thanks for sharing the pics Molly. It made me remember all the fun we've had. I'll miss you, but I'm excited to go on that walk on the beach with everyone!

Jennifer said...

We even sat on the same side in HS!! Haha so funny. I didn't realize you had pictures from HS too.I do no eat Reese's everyday, but if they were in the house I totally would. Thanks for the flash back and we will miss you. Can't wait to come visit!