Wildflowers and Dirt Sticks

Despite having loads to do before relocating, we found time to take pictures of the kids. Actually, we were forced from our home for an hour or so in order for the landlord to show it. I used the available time to mark a few things off my bucket list.
First, we had lunch at Quinton's. The kids actually behaved rather well and split a PBJ sandwich, lemonade, and potato chips. Princess actually just ate chips and lemonade. I had a wonderful half TAC, minus sprouts, with spicy chips, and a bowl of chedder soup. Absolutely delicious. Especially spicy chips dipped in the cheese soup.
Next, we drove to campus to take pictures near Potter's lake. It was overcast, hot, and very humid. It felt like it would rain at any minute. Luckily, it didn't. Although, if it did, maybe it would have cooled off.

Do these count as pictures with wildflowers?

We bribed the kids with suckers to keep them in a happy mood. It was all fun and games until Handsome rolled his in the dirt and Princess wanted to trade him. Apparently, dirt does make things taste better. However, Mom and Dad spoiled the party by taking the dirt sticks away, so we all went home to take naps. Well, the kiddos anyway.

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