Still Here, Barely

I'm still here, trying to blog in between opening boxes and doing laundry.  The place is starting to come together, although we are still missing a few key pieces.  We got purged ourselves of many belongings before moving, but I am convinced it is not enough.  And of course, things have not made it.  For instance, the feet to our dresser are MIA.  Plus, the dresser doesn't fit in our new room AND allow the closet door to open.  No one is brave enough to move it upstairs to the Princess' room, so it has taken up residence in the dining room.  I plan on using it as a buffet/decor storage thing.  Currently, it is sitting on cardboard until we muster enough energy to put felt on the corners to help avoid scratching the floors.  However, we did manage to move some loose plastic spoons and a pair of chopsticks.  How those made it and not the dresser feet I will never know.
Meanwhile, Princess, Hubs, and I have no place to store our clothes.  Dresser shopping needs to happen soon, but its hard to find the time.  Anyone have tips on how to store clothes in a small space without hanging everything?  I have so many things I need to do, it's hard to prioritize.  We did buy mattresses for the Princess.  She is moving up to a big girl bed.  We also purchased a rug for the living room and found a chair we (I) really like.  I think we might wait for the chair until next paycheck and search for a World Market coupon.
In the middle of all this my job called and asked if I could start work early, on Thursday.  I negotiated a one to nine shift, so hopefully I can find my work clothes that morning and figure out where the store is.  So now I have an extra vacay day for later in the year, but extra stress for myself now.  Why do I allow myself to say yes?  Maybe I need to leave town unexpectedly.  At least I got to walk to the beach today.  I might have to do that every day to remind myself these unexpected stressors are short lived.


tiffany said...

You're starting early because you're awesome and want to show them how awesome you are. Hope you get settled quickly. Have fun shopping for new furniture, and enjoy those daily walks on the beach!

Peggy said...

Things will come together in your house and you will find the right pieces. Give it time. Moving is really hard, not to mention kids, new job.
Knock them dead at the SC Walgreen's !