See Ya Later, Alligator

While cleaning off our camera, I found these pictures of the Going Away Dinner my Grandma had for our family.

 My kiddos really didn't want to be pictured.  They would rather be playing.

Princess is obsessed with these ping pong paddles.  Unfortunately for her, she is too little to play. Isn't the dress lovely?  My friend, Betsy, made it for her.  It is turning out to be the perfect beach dress.  Betsy is actually making these dresses, among other crafty items for purchase.  Email me if you want more deets.

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Betsy said...

So, I've been bad about reading your blog. I am unable to fall asleep tonight so I decided it's a good night to catch up on it. As I'm scrolling down to the last I read I see this post. She is too stinking cute and I'm so glad that the dress fit her well! Thank you for throwing my business out there too :) I will have to make a few more to send your way next spring since the beach is right outside.