Master Bedroom Update

The master bedroom is almost complete!  We finally got a dresser, so our clothes now have a home!  I also gave up on my white bedding dream for the moment.   Yes, I still adore the idea of having an all white bed, BUT I have very specific ideas of what I want it to look like.  The bedding I want is not currently available in the US, and is on back order from the Australian website that could ship it too me.  Plus, it is expensive.  I tried to make do with a duvet from Target, but it didn't live up to my vision.  So I have temporarily substituted this duvet I found on clearance at Home Goods.  It is a calming gray and white paisley pattern.  Hubby approves, he thought the other bedding was too girly and frilly.  In his words, "I don't want to sleep under a dress".  So here is my(our) soothing oasis:

I haven't decided if the curtains are staying yet.  I might move them to the living room and use another set of white curtains that I already own that have some embroidery on them.  Not sure.
I think the book shelves are too cluttered.  I would like to move some of the books out to the living room once we have some bookshelves in there, and add some more decorative accents instead.  Ideally, I don't want much on the top.

We need to add artwork.  I actually have a lot still in boxes, just trying to decide what I want in each room.  I have some watercolors from Italy that a friend gave me, I just need to have them framed.  I think they would  look lovely over the bed.  I also have a mirror, but I'm scared of it hanging above me while I sleep.

The sconces on the wall are the only lighting we have.  We are thinking of adding another lamp on the dresser, and maybe a light kit to the ceiling fan.  We get A LOT of natural light, but that might change with the seasons.  Plus, its annoying to have to walk through the room and stub your toe five times while roaming through the dark to turn on the light.

Oh, and the room isn't perfect.
I live with a musician and with that comes music stuff.  Plus, a baby gate and old sweatshirts.  At least they live behind the door.  The baby gate and sweatshirts will hopefully disappear in a few days, but the speaker and amp come with the man.  I'm not trading him in anytime soon, so I guess I'll learn to live with music stuff behind the door.  They won't fit under the bed with the other music things.

So what do you think?  Any suggestions?

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Peggy said...

Drape something colorful or neutral over the amps and put a light on top so you won't stumble in the dark. or a palnt or vase.
Keep the curtians they are great.
A mirror over the head board is fine if you secure it to the wall well.