Weekend Honey Do List

Its time for another list to motivate myself.  I have to work a day, but that still leaves Friday and Sunday to accomplish some things.

  • finish spray painting nightstand
  • hang diplomas
  • hang hooks for cardigans
  • decide on location for coat/shoe collections and hang hooks
  • spray paint wicker mirror and hang in Princess's room
  • hang pictures in kids room (flowers, maps, growth charts)
  • empty boxes in master bed and bathroom.
  • put away clothes in closet
  • play outside with the kids
  • go for a bike ride
  • make meal plan for following week (grocery shopping)
  • go to bank
  • sell stove
Do you think I can do it all?  I hope so!


A.D. McGregor said...

I'm proud that hang diplomas is on this list! I hope you like the frame and am glad it worked out!

peggy said...

I can't wait to20333333333333333333333 see your diploma[- =on ]
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ that was my cat Harrys comment.